We love the skill of page layout, and that’s why we specialise in producing books and magazines. For Grafime, composing texts is not only a matter of mastering the layout programs, it also allows us to engage in a profession with over 500 years of history. We like correctly adjusting the text to fit the box in the design, using the typographical resources, and establishing a good balance between the body text and the leading in the selected font to achieve a good finish on all the books that we produce. We have extensive experience in the machination of all kinds of books:

  • Textbooks: we work in partnership with several publishers in the creation of text books and training manuals. We have ample experience in preparing contents for this type of books, where we give priority to unfussy and schematised layouts in order to produce pages which are user-friendly and attractive to students.
  • Legal and scientific texts: books with specific features include legal works, with their footnotes; scientific books, with their citations and referenced texts; and works on medical subjects, with their profusion of tables and illustrations accompanying the text. In Grafime we work together with technical publishers to create the design and layout of these kinds of books, a task in which we take special care to create attractive pages from originals which are saturated with information.
  • Illustrated books: at other times the most important thing is to find the balance between text and images, particularly when working with what are known as illustrated books, where the images are not merely a complement, but assume equal or greater importance than the text.

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